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I have read the book Unbearable by Paul Jennings because I needed a book to read and the cover on this book looked exiting. Also I knew that Paul Jennings is a great writer because his other books are really good. I wanted to read another Paul Jennings book because they interest me.This is from the category which is my own choice. For me this was a good category because it can nearly be any book that you want. This gives you freedom to choose a really good book that you want to read. This book has 8 different short stories in it so it is like one big book put together.From the first story Licked my favourite character is a mischievous boy called Andrew. He tricks his dad by licking a fly swat with crushed blueberries on it to look like dead flies. In the second story Little Black balls there is a character called the paper man who is homeless. I like him the best because he wants to help animals even with the little money he has. He thinks of others rather than himself. In the third story Only Gilt Gary is my favourite character. He punishes himself by putting his head in a birdcage for all his life and then realizes it was all just a misunderstanding. And finally in the story Next Time Around I like a Chicken called Ratus. Ratus is very smart, he can count up to twenty by pecking his beak on the edge of his cage. It turned out that in a life before he was a chicken, Ratus was a maths teacher.My favourite quote from the fifth story Nails was one day Ill hit the jackpot.He never ends up finding his treasure but his son does after he is dead.The sixth book Yuggles had How are we going to win that egg as the best quote. This is when two boys promise a sick girl that they would win her a giant Easter egg for her.The quote Because we planted it on granddads grave came from the story grandads gifts. A lemon tree was planted over a grave and one day it grew magical lemons. This helped a sick fox back to health. Lastly from the book Smelly Feat my favourite quote was Get back! or Ill use these!This was when a group of bullies came to fetch a turtle trying to lay eggs on a beach. A good boy has smelly feet so he keeps his shoes on for a month and takes them off when the bullies threaten him. They all instantly faint.After reading the all different stories I think that you shouldnt jump to assumptions because it probably isnt the case. These stories were really cool and it is one of the few books that I WANTED to read.

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